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Talent Buying

We help you procure the talent needed to make your event a success.  From Hollywood to Bollywood, we’ll find you the right celebrity.

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Event Development

We are able to hold your hand through the entire process of event development and find you the right supply chain. And if you’re a pro, we’re here to augment your current team if you need that little umph.

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Brand Consultation

Need an endorser for your product or service and don’t know how to go about it?  No biggie, we’re here to help.  Whether it be a full-blown endorser or just a social media influencer.

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Ever get the itch to promote or just need content for your venue, casino or brand?  We can research and develop for you – from festival concepts to sports events – we’ll conceptualize to your brief.


ParadiseIMF 2016:
Case Study

In 2016, Pinnacle Live Concepts, along with colleagues were tasked to assist ParadiseIMF 2016 from conception.  From name development and corporate structure and company heirarchy, Pinnacle was there.  The crowning achievement was the procurement of Kanye West as the headline and ultimately booking Kanye for his first and only Asia performance of 2016.


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Paradise International Music Festival

Kanye West iconically performing his first and only Asia performance of 2016.


2016 Global Concert Revenue


2016 Global Sponsorship Revenue

Other Services

  • Market Research in defense of new event concepts

  • Business Case development in defense of new event concepts

  • Talent Buying specifically for advertising and brand campaigns

  • Casino Content for public events or subtle seeding

  • Event Design, Operations and Execution

  • Concert Promotions and in-house Production

Global Relations

Pinnacle's strength is in its network that spans HK, LA, NYC and London.

Global Reach

Pinnacle has worked in various countries and is able to navigate the politics.

Global People

Pinnacle has partners in HK, Philippines, China, Canada, London, NYC and LA.

Global Outlook

Pinnacle continually develops and seeks new content globally for its clients.

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    Know your music, know your industry.

    Pinnacle Live Concepts is a consultancy that specializes in celebrity and talent procurement for brands and events. With Mike Pio Roda, as managing director, it has evolved and entered multiple facets in entertainment but has continually specialized in live concepts.

  • Know us a little more..

    The one company for your celebrity needs.

    Know who you want? We provide talent booking expertise to procure and negotiate that specific celebrity booking you need. Don’t know who you want? We will work alongside you to find the right celebrity for your brand and/or concert that fits within your budget and timeline.



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